Nagarjun Forest Yoga Retreat & Resort lies in Nature on the foothills of the  Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park which is the ninth  National Park in Nepal. This National park is situated in the closed  hill site of Kathmandu Valley exposed by dense  forest with  natural spot.

This peaceful preserve feels far from the city, though it is only about 4 km far from the tourism hub Thamel. Shivapuri National park  also known as  Queen’s Forest which is the  home of  deer, Leopard, red panda  monkey etc.  Also  this jungle  have recorded of  318 bird species.

“Nagarjun Forest Yoga Retreat & Resort” situated in the countryside is the sister branch of Institute of Natural Medicine. It is a ashram where our guest and student rejuvenate their body mind and soul by attending our Spiritual and yoga retreat program & training courses.

Nagarjun Forest Yoga Retreat Center is located inside the Shivapuri  Nagarjun National Park area. Nagarjun is a dense jungle where leopard, deer, tiger, Red panda etc are found. Nagarjun is the nearest hills of Kathmandu city with the serene environment filled with the vibrations of ancient Himalayan tradition for enlightenment.

Our health resort is just 4   km far from Bustling and hustle tourism hub Thamel . It is perhaps the only greenery, peace and tranquil place nearby the Kathmandu city.  It could be a perfect place to revitalize your body, Mind and soul. And also for the selection of our services such as Yoga classes, Meditation, Massage, SPA & Sauna, Retreat packages, Naturopathy Treatment, ayurveda and Natural therapy. Beside this it is also a best destination for Reiki Training, Massage therapist Trainings & Yoga teachers training courses.

The purpose of opening health resort in the countryside is to be far away from City sound,   dust, pollution and from the busy city. Whereas we  choosing the location in this Nagarjun  foothills  Jungle is  to remain in a Nature  with overlooking the views of Kathmandu city, beautiful village, hills , Himalayas   by enjoying the  quiet  environment .     The days that you will spend here will engulf through its rich of jungles, natural environment, natural beauty and the family environment found   in our Nepal Meditation Center.

Note:- Among the Two destination Institute of Natural Medicine  & Nagarjun Forest Yoga Retreat Center Student can choose any 1 destination  for the choice of course/ packages

Food and Accommodation

Nagarjun Forest Yoga Retreat  center lies on the lap of the Nagarjun foot hills where we are providing you cozy and comfortable environment.  we do have a beautiful garden.  These beautiful garden are full of green grass, flower and also with hammocks, Vegetarian Restaurant.  the entrance  side of the  garden are  being  covered by the curve  trees of the National  park jungles  and tress looks like umbrella of the of Nagarjun Forest Yoga Retreat & Resort.

The Nagarjun Forest Yoga Retreat & Resort has  also two yoga and meditation hall. One hall is in terrace with the capacity of 20 peoples. The view from the terrace hall has village view, hills and Himalayas view and another is inside of the garden surrounded by the Trees which has the capacity of 50 peoples.

Nagarjun Forest Yoga Retreat & Resort have well equipped wooden dining hall in terrace where 100 people can adjust at once. It has a wonderful Kathmandu night lightening view. The NMC has 3 tented houses with outside bathroom, and 16 deluxe rooms consist of attached bathroom filled with hot and cold shower. All the 16 guest room with its individual Veranda are facing towards east. And each and every room get sunlight early In the morning. From the rooms it has outstanding panoramic view of the village, hills Himalayas and also the Kathmandu valley can be seen.