Natural Treatments

INM provides a range of treatments for pain suffered in the joints, knees, neck, lower, middle and upper back. They also provide natural treatments for problems with insomnia, sciatica, depression, stress and headaches. Along with all of this INM has a history of curing gout, gastritis, constipation, obesity, acidity, sinusitis, paralysis, tension and hypertension. All of these are cured with natural treatments like:

Treatment Price (in Nepali Rupees)
Hot Bag 700
Steam Sauna 700
Acupuncture 1,500
Mud Therapy 700
Nasya 800
Kati-Vasti 1800
Shirodhara 3500

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: The Institute of Natural Medicine is the only Institute in Nepal that assists international students obtain student visas for those who want to study in the field of Yoga, Massage and Naturopathy in Nepal.