Yoga in Nepal
Yoga in Nepal
January 24, 2017
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February 23, 2017
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Reasons to Choose Yoga Teachers Training Courses

Yoga Teachers Training Course in Nepal

Institute of Natural Medicine (INM) is one of the experienced Yoga Institutes in Nepal which is accredited academic institutions. It has connection with its parent organization” Nepal Yoga and Nature Cure Association” (NYNCA). We have been providing all the Yoga trainings in Nepal and helping lots of people to get better health. Yoga Teachers Training Course in Nepal is one of the courses that we are going to provide you and help you to build your career in yoga field.
Yoga is beneficial to our health because it makes our body strong and improves our immune system. We have lots of benefits of yoga. Here we are going to present you some reasons to choose Yoga Teachers Training Course in Nepal:
Deepen your physical practice

Yoga training programs make students to learn from each other’s different body types, injuries, flexibility levels, and strengths. You know those poses you always hope the instructor skips in class? Well, you may find yourself learning to love them as you study and the correct alignment, modifications and benefits of each pose in detail.
Find your yoga family

If there is one benefit of Yoga Teacher Training programs, it is you will get yoga family and stay in connection for years. While having deep training into your own spiritual and physical practice, you are also supporting the journey of those around you and creating a support network of warriors. Upon your completion of training your yoga family will expand as you embrace your students, teachers, and community.
Challenge yourself mentally and physically

As there is a quote” as a master your body is in a million pieces and your mind is whole”. When you practice yoga components of meditation, chanting, and restorative asana, you will find more flexible both physically and mentally. You will have better physical and mental ability to do the works.
Explore your spirituality-

Yoga serves to help quiet the mind and attune to our true selves. This awareness provides the means to live a more conscious lifestyle and focus on what matters most. While Yoga Teacher Training is a very communal practice and helps time to reflect as you approach life with a heightened sense of awareness.
Become a teacher

As if this wasn’t obvious enough. Once you complete your YTT you will be a teacher! Use this power to develop your own unique teaching style that is authentic and mindful. As a teacher, you have chance to give back not only to your students but also to those who may not have access to yoga. Seek out karma yoga opportunities in local senior centers, prisons, primary schools, and other community outlets. You will able to live a cheerful live with help of yoga.

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