Satkarma specifically increase the vital capacity of the practitioner. they were never designed for therapy alone, but to create harmony in the body and mind and to prepare one for further practices. As they bring about smooth and perfect functioning of the bodily systems, it is inevitable that through their practice the mind will become freee from turbulence and disturbances and thus be better able to concentrate and to move towards dhyana.

Price for each Satkarma : Nepali Rs. 700
Naitee Cleansing sinusitis
Dautee Cleansing Stomach
Bastee Cleansing large Intestine
Nauli Cleansing whole abdomen
Kapal Bhati Kriya Cleansing brain and Kidney related problem
Tartaka Mind concentration & eyes exercises
Shanka prachalan Cleansing through mouth to rectum with warm salty water