Pranayama and Yoga

The practice of Yoga and Meditation, relaxes you, brings you positive thinking, positive energy and peace to your mind. Yoga helps to correct the posture, teach the techniques which help to release anxiety increasing independence and self-control

Massage (Spa) Services

Massage therapy is more than relaxing time. Studies continue to prove the physical, and emotional benefits of even a single massage therapy session.

Residential / Non-residential Packages

Institute of Natural Medicine provides quality service by professional therapists under the supervision of doctors. We offer one week, two week and one month massage courses all year round.

Natural Treatments

INM provides a range of treatments for pain suffered in the joints, knees, neck, lower, middle and upper back.


Satkarma increases the vital capacity of the practitioner. they were never designed for therapy alone, but to create harmony in the body and mind and to prepare one for further practices.

Reiki / Kaya Healing

Reiki / Kaya healing is one of the best technique of relaxation and stress reduction.