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Spa and Massage Training in Nepal

Institute of Natural Medicine [INM] is serving natural yoga lovers with its establishment.  It has link with its parent organization Nepal Yoga and Nature Cure Association (NYNCA).  Ministry d Education of Nepal and Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) have approved the curriculum of INM.

We not only provide yoga trainings to you also help you to build your career in Yoga sector. Thus, we result with massage and spa training in Nepal. Our special Spa and massage Trainings include world class level of spa and massage training and services for you.

If you are thinking of becoming the spa and massage therapist, then you probably have knowledge about the benefits of massage therapy career.  Learn more and find out reasons to become massage therapist and build career. Some reasons are

You can get spa and massage therapy trainings in a year

You can easily learn the skills of spa and massage therapy in less than a year. This helps you to save your valuable time and you can run your own spa and massage centers.

Trainings is all about health and its wellness

Since Yoga is all about the regular health maintenance. Yoga helps you to stay away from many diseases that you suffer. Thus, as a massage therapist you can actively help your clients to achieve better health condition and wellness. This helps you to establish long term relationship with your clients and run your business smoothly.

Massage therapist are physically active

Massage therapist work on their feet and busy in giving massage to customers. They are active to do work since they are physically and mentally healthy.

You have variety of career option

There are many choices of jobs being the massage therapist. You can run therapeutic massage and can work in clinics, physical therapy offices or in nursing homes. In this way, you can have variety of career option as a massage and spa therapist.

Do not worry because we are here to help you to become spa and massage therapist. We have special courses in spa and massage training in Nepal.

Find out more today by calling us Institute of Natural Medicine [INM] +977-9843369200

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