Yoga Retreat in Nepal
Yoga Retreat in Nepal
December 23, 2016
Spa and Massage Training in Nepal
January 6, 2017
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SPA in Nepal

This   beautiful  SPA word  consist of three  word named S P A.   The Word SPA itself   carried  a  great important meaning in our Health. Among the five elements in  this  universe one of the most  important  element   is Water . And the water has a maximum Benefits such as to detoxify the body, to get  relief from the anger, to cleanse the sinus etc.  The The real Meaning of SPA is to treat our body  through by  water.

The  SPA is a Latin word where SPA means Salus  per Aqua.  And the Aqua means water.  Before 5000 years ago the people used to  receive natural herbs medicine, natural treatment.  In those   ancient time in case of  tiredness, back pain , sickness they used to treat the body by staying in hot spring water , by bathing through water fall, by receiving wooden bath ( the curve wood filled water) where these days we used tub bath.

SPA means to take  a bath/ to treat the body through the water such as tubbath, steam bath,  swimming hydrotherapy,  water therapy, jalneti, kunjal  etc But in these day SPA in Nepal or Spa of Western country has added massage services, physical exercise such as  Jumba, Aerobics, Yogasana  for the benefits of Health.  So SPA is a mixture of  services  where the person can receive variety of natural  healing and therapy

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