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December 30, 2016
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Yoga Retreat in Nepal

The days in this  present time where each and every people  life has become a very busy  schedule, it is always a great idea to take a break and treat your body, mind and soul  the way that it goes beyond to a entirely peaceful  with serene and tranquil atmosphere. Our  meditation & yoga retreat  place    surrounded by the jungle of  Nagarjun National park will provide to reconnect with Nature.  The breath taking environment found in  our Meditation &  Yoga retreat center    is the ultimate option to strike the perfect coordination among your  three  stage of Life  “ body, mind and soul.  The Yoga Retreat resort  located in the foothills of the forest    basically refers to this  destinations  for  yogi , Yogini or to our refresh  Guest where each and every inch set to provide a soothing sensation to your body and let your mind rest and heavenly soul enjoy.

The demand of Meditation &  Yoga retreat  in Nepal/ worldwide  is in order to get oneself away from the fret of the daily life.  Our main purpose of  opening yoga retreat Center in Jungle side  is to relieves a person from the stressful life   that helps to discover and reestablish oneself by growing mentally as well as physically.  The meditation , Chakra healing, Crystal healing, Mantra meditation  , Yoga & Pranayama  connects the spirituality to the mentally and  physical existence of the person .So If you are in search of yoga retreat in Nepal  particularly near by the Kathmandu city area. Here we are situated inside the National park  providing you  greenery, Energetic and Spiritual  environment as well overlooking the panoramic view of village, Kathmandu city and Ganesh Himal.


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