Asana is physically twist of body systematically taking fresh air. So that it works like “switch on” of a electric bulb and body become charge, which were almost deactivated. Yoga activate in subtle way so that diseases will cure slowly It takes a little time to function and it has power to prevent negative energy as well.

Pranayama is breathing exercise. This process of taking oxygen from inhale fresh air & realizing carbon dioxide by exhalation in and out rapidly. In adult lungs there are around 2500 to 3000 tiny pores (holes). Due to polluted air, smokes and dusts people’s lungs can’t work properly, only 30 to 50 % in average it works so that modern people are facing different types of relevant diseases.


No, Yoga is not only physical exercise, it is more than this. In human body there is categorizing three level; 1- consciousness 2- subconscious and 3-unconsciousness. Exercise only effect up to consciousness level but Yoga can reach up to subconscious some time perfect Yogi can reach up to unconscious level. All our problems come from unconscious level. It is darkest part of human beings Yoga some time works up to unconscious level.


Nowadays Yoga’s importance is increasing day by day. So that United Nation Origination (UNO) declares that “INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA”. Every human being have right to live healthy. UNO want to see healthy society on Earth. But due to wrong food & living style, people’s health are damaging quickly. It is very rare to find out a person who is living balance life.  Regular Yoga Practitioner can live and balance life. They know their limitations and acts accordingly.

The Yoga Teachers Training courses takes place in Institute of Natural Medicine or Nepal Meditation Center. Learning yoga teachers training in our center makes you feel that you are back to the nature due to its greenery and breathe taking environment.

Our yoga teacher training course are intended by the CTEVT professor, naturopathy doctors, yoga guru and professor of Institute of Natural Medicine and finally approved and accredited by Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT).  So that the Students can be assured that they are acquiring the skill standard required for employment in this field.

Beside this the institution has also internationally affiliated with World Yoga Alliance.  Student those who are certified from our Academy are national and internationally recognized as a Yoga Teachers.

Most of the yoga teachers produced by INM are engaged in teaching yoga courses, yoga session and few of them has opened their own academy.

Yoga teachers training

Duration: –   200 hour – 22 days

Tariff: – $ 1200.

Tariff with Sharing room Accommodation: – $ 1500.

Tariff with Private Room: – $1600

Student will be certified by World Yoga Alliance & CTEVT.