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Natural Yoga in Nepal

Short-term/Certificate in Massage Training Course

Short-term/Certificate in Massage Training Course 

With this massage therapist certification course, students have the option to choose any one course, or multiple courses, to study. Our expert instructors will fully illustrate all levels of therapeutics, from basic to professional. We teach Theory & Practical together with step-by-step instructions that guide you through the whole-body massage treatment, and show you how to select the appropriate massage techniques that correspond to the illness or condition of the patient. 

The massage instructors here are hands-on knowledgeable rather than theoretical-book knowledgeable, because they experience what they actually teach, through working with their patients, and on themselves.


Course Duration
Head & Shoulder Massage
10 hours
USD 100
Classical Swedish Massage
25 Hours
USD 225
Ayurvedic Healing Massage
25 Hours
USD 225
Traditional Thai Massage
30 hours
USD 250
Deep Tissue Massage
25 hours
USD 225
Hot-Stone Massage
20 hours
USD 200
10 hours
USD 120
15 hours
USD 160  


*Courses with accommodations depend upon the choice of the course.